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                  1. The future of the left since 1884

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                    2 September 2021

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                    PRIZING THE PUBLIC POUND

                    2 September 2021

                    JOHN TIZARD AND DAVID WALKER make the case for fundamental reform of the way spending decisions are made and checked.

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                    COUNTER CULTURE

                    2 September 2021

                    KIRSTY MCNEILL & ROGER HARDING explore how progressives should navigate their way through the culture wars.

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                    The Fabian Review

                    Summer 2021, Volume 133 - No.2

                    This edition of the Fabian Review looks at Labour and state power, featuring Kenneth Morgan, Justina Cruickshank and Tim Durrant.?Plus, Vanesha Singh talks to Welsh first minister, Mark Drakeford.

                    Also in this issue,?Darren Jones MP on climate change; Marvin Rees on rethinking our approach to drugs; Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP on protecting refugees; Alan Milburn with a new vision for social democratic parties; and an elections special with Paul Whiteley and Daphne Halikiopoulou.

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                    A right royal debate

                    2 September 2021

                    Is it time for Labour to get behind moves to scrap the monarchy in favour of an elected head of state? Kenneth Morgan, who led a Fabian commission on the monarchy back in 2003, assesses the party’s attitudes past, present and future.

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                    Safety measures

                    13 August 2021

                    MARK STORM: Government must do more to protect citizens from cyber attacks.

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                    Up to the Mark

                    30 July 2021

                    Wales’ first minister has been returned to office with a record-equalling election result. He tells Vanesha Singh the secret of Welsh Labour’s success.

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                    Put to the test

                    15 July 2021

                    MARK WILLIAMS: Now is the time to modernise our exam system.

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                    Local heroes

                    9 July 2021

                    MARC STEARS: The real lives of ordinary people, not flags and Rule Britannia, should inspire Labour’s progressive patriotism today.

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                    Blood money

                    25 June 2021

                    KEHINDE ANDREWS: The logic of empire still governs our politics.

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                    Prizing the Public Pound


                    In this pamphlet, John Tizard and David Walker make the case for fundamental reform of the way spending decisions are made and checked. They argue that Labour should recover and celebrate its strong tradition of innovation in the mechanics of effecti...

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                    Counter Culture

                    How to resist the culture wars and build 21st century solidarity

                    In this pamphlet, Kirsty McNeill and Roger Harding argue that we all have a role to play in denying the culture wars peddlers the fight they want. Instead of letting people distract or divide us, we should build a new solidarity strategy, with a posi...

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                    Early years commission

                    A cross-party manifesto

                    A new report from the Early Years Commission, jointly run by the Centre for Social Justice and the Fabian Society, puts forward a number of recommendations to transform the lives of our youngest children.

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                    STATUTORY SICK PAY

                    Options for reform

                    The statutory sick pay scheme?has major problems that need to be addressed. Our latest report puts forward a number of recommendations for reform.

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                    Going with the grain


                    New Fabian Society research on public attitudes to social security reveals a groundswell of support for increasing benefit payments.

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                    Hearts and minds

                    Winning the working-class vote

                    In this collection, Labour MPs look to the future, setting out what the party must do to regain the confidence of working people. Labour under Keir Starmer has made real progress in re-establishing a serious claim to be considered an alternative gove...

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                    A voice for the future


                    A year-long research project by the Scottish Fabians and FEPS finds that devolution is at risk from 'no change' unionists, and 'no compromise' nationalists, and argues for Scottish Labour to reassert itself as pro-UK, pro-devolution and passionately ...

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                    Building Bridges

                    Sally Gimson

                    In this pamphlet, Sally Gimson puts forward a range of policies to help Labour reconnect with voters and build a wide coalition across cities, towns and the countryside to defeat the Tories in 2024.

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                    Who loses?

                    The impacts of planned Universal Credit cuts across society

                    New Fabian Society research finds that over 700,000 people in working or disabled households are to be pulled into poverty by universal credit cuts.?

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                    Sharing the Future


                    The final report of the two-year Commission on Workers and Technology calls for major reforms to improve work, empower workers, and ensure the whole economy can benefit from new technology.

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                    Affordable connections

                    Essential digital technologies for all

                    To keep people connected to essential technologies, this paper proposes a British broadband discount scheme, modelled on the Warm Home Discount for energy bills and the US social tariff scheme Lifeline.

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                    Double Trouble

                    Mass unemployment and benefit cuts after the pandemic

                    New Fabian Society analysis shows that planned benefit cuts could push between 1 and 3 million people into poverty.

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                    Cultured communities

                    The crisis in local funding for arts and culture

                    Our new report highlights the long-standing crisis in arts and culture funding, fuelled by a decade of government cuts, that has left community arts and culture extremely vulnerable to lockdown, especially outside London.

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                    Better off

                    Recovery and reform in the post-coronavirus economy

                    This report?examines key economic policy priorities for the left after the coronavirus shock and?ensuing?recession and?explores?how these?policies should be designed to reshape the British economy?in the long term.

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                    The self-employment justice gap

                    The case for online dispute resolution

                    This report makes the case for an online dispute resolution (ODR) service for self-employed workers and explores the role such a service could provide. It shows that self-employed workers face challenges distinct from employees and argues for new sys...

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